Outlawed Mungiki Sect Re-Emerging Says Governor Wa Iria, Police Rubbishes Claim

Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria has expressed concerns of the possible re-emergence of the outlawed Mungiki sect.

The governor, speaking to journalists in his office said the sect re-emerged as a new group called ‘Njaa Nene’.

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He further revealed that the group aligned itself to a local politician and was involved in activities mirroring that of the outlawed Mungiki sect.

He insisted:

”They are recruiting youth at night. Mungiki was called Njaama. The new group has come with a name almost similar to that, ‘Njaa Nene’, shortening ‘Njaama‘ to ‘Njaa’ so as to dupe the police and people, the full name is ‘Njaama Nene’.”

Governor Wa Iria then went on to call on the national government to investigate the group through the Ministry of Interior in order to curb further growth and expansion.

Muranga County security team chair, Commissioner John Elungata, says investigations into the group alleged to be the outlawed Mungiki sect had been launched. He, however, says the group have not been linked to criminal activities.

”We know (of) the existence of the said group after we received reports from local leaders. We assure people that action will be taken immediately they are linked with criminal activities. We cannot label them as an illegal group (for now).”

Kirinyaga Police Commandant Joseph Nthenge backed Elungata’s claim, adding that politicians were using it to create unnecessary tension in the area.

Ngethe said:

“Politicians should stop saying that there is a group here or there that wants to stop their meetings. If one sees that there is a group out there to ruin their meetings they should come forward and report the matter instead of spreading the word because this will spread tension to the residents.”

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Nthenge called on politicians to beware of inflammatory comments, especially in this time when the country is preparing to conduct elections.

”This is a political period we should not lose the peace that we have been enjoying for all this time,” said the police boss.