On Thursday, several teens were arrested in a house in Nairobi’s Lang’ata area as they were partying. The owner of the house was also seized and is now facing charges for giving alcohol to children.

According to the document presented to the court, about 57 teens allegedly underage, falling between 14 and 20 were caught having a wild partying before they were seized.

The owner of the house in Phenom estate who is from South Sudan, Mary Nyanyikii, is also arraigned in court for gaining illegal entrance into the country.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges in Kibera law court presided over by senior resident magistrate Shadrack Mwinzi at Kibera  on Friday.

The prosecution told the court not to grant bail to Nyanyikii whether on bond or cash bail, citing that she might sneak out of the country the way she had entered. The magistrate sent her to prison to wait till Monday, when the bond will be determined.

More than 35 of the teens reportedly arrested drunk, confessed to have committed the crimes they were charged with which include, idling and being disorderly.

But their lawyers argued the charges were baseless and full of flaws because the party took place in a private home.

17 teens out of the number are said to be under the age at which they can legally become an adult and are responsible for their actions, had been charged separately.

The magistrate set all the youths involved free without demanding for any payment or fine, saying that the charge sheet was defective as it showed the  crime was done at a public space.

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Estate security informed the police to come for the youths after noises were heard from a house.

Parents reacted to the arrests, some praised the police officers for intervening and others found it uncalled for. They said the arrest was an embarrassment to their children for indirectly linking them to the banned project X, although  they were only celebrating.

The arrests come days after 15 matatus were impounded in Yatta, Machakos county, on Sunday, when police allegedly found students engaging in sex while drunk.