Kenya National Examination Council

Eighty-nine parents who are dissatisfied with the scores of their children at the 2016 KCPE Exams have dragged Kenya National Examination Council to court.

The parents are demanding the re-tallying of scores of their children who all sat for their exams at Nyali Primary School.

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They say the marks which were awarded to their children was not a fair reflection of their ability or the school’s general performance.

The petition was filed at the Mombasa Law Courts putting Kenya National Examination Council as the key respondent. They want the marked examination scripts checked for validity, reliability, and accuracy.

Citing the mean score, the parents said 337.35 did not reflect the performance of the school and its pupils. In previous years, the mean score ranged between 388.66 and 386.56 from 2008 to 2015.

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They say they can also prove that there was general inaccuracy in the tallying of marks, which affected the integrity of the process.

The parents say the optical machine which is used to mark the scripts was prone to mistakes. It springs out errors based on the shade marked by the candidate.

They recommended a manual checking of the works of the optical machine which the council refused to oblige to.

“The actions of Kenya National Examination Council have infringed our rights and that of our children,” the parents claim.

The parents also claim that their children have been traumatized by the results which do not belong to them. They say it has affected their dignity and general well-being.

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They are seeking a declaration that their children’s rights were violated by the council.

They are also demanding temporary orders compelling the examinations agency to produce the examination scripts of the children who sat for KCPE in 2016 at Nyali.