Party Nation: Kagwe Mungai And His Squad On A Mission To Put Kenya’s Music On The Map One Hit At A Time

It’s all about the new banger; Party Nation by Nairobi’s freshest squad (Blinky Bill x Kagwe Mungai x Mayonde x Fena Gitu x Muthoni Drummer Queen).

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After watching the visuals to this track, you can’t help but agree with the lines; “never late cause this is Kenyan time” – The East taking over… Nairobi taking over… Squad taking over, squad taking over! Excerpt taken from the squad first put through by Blinky Bill.

Party Nation Video

Muthoni Drummer Queen officially kicks off the track with some royal Swahili flows and swag to make any other kingdom scared to even think of a battle. The young Mayonde came through with some slick vibes, slaying the track with effortless and well put together but vocal challenging Swahili lyrics.

Kagwe who usually takes more of a backseat approach as he lets the ladies shine jumps in with some cool vibes and catchy lines. Blinky Bill, the latest addition to the squad plays both a back role in the track’s production and a front role as you would remember from “Just a Band” with bold lyrics.

The last, but definitely not the least, Fena Gitu is the backbone of the track and you can’t help but smile every time she says “Squad”. It’s like she’s getting them ready for war. There is no doubt that these set of talented young individuals are out to take over the musical game; not just in Africa, but on an international level.

Behind The Scene

Party Nation

The track was recorded by Dillie, produced by Blinky Bill, and mixed & mastered by Eric Musyoka. The video was directed by Kagwe Mungai & DJ Breezy and it was shot at Prokraft Africa’s gallery studio.

My Take on Party Nation

Party Nation is definitely a step up from their previous hit track “Kama Kawaida”. The video is very clean, fresh and much more in sync as compared to Kama Kawaida. It kind of has that Eko Miami video vibe by Maleek Berry, but yet still very original and pushes the Kenyan brand on a positive light.

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Drop Party Nation in the club, and it will definitely get everyone jumping.

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