Pastor Rapes Chicken To Death, After Kidnapping It

Jairus Matekwa, the pastor of a Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) church, was reported to have kidnapped a chicken, and raped it to death.

After he was caught, he only narrowly escaped death when an angry crowd converged in front of his house, meaning to lynch him for the wanton act of bestiality.

He was caught by a neighbour, sneaking the dead body of the chicken out of his house and back to the house of its owner, twenty four hours after the owner of the animal had announced her failure to find her chicken.

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According to the eye witness, the dead animal’s guts were hanging outside of its butt when the man was found trying to sneak it back to its owner. When the pastor was accosted, he denied knowledge of why the bowels of the animal were contorted outside its body from its posterior end. By this time, the attention of some other neighbours have been attracted, and when they searched the man’s bedroom, evidence was found indicating that the chicken had been under his bedspread, as was evidence of recent sexual activities.

The news of the bestiality spread throughout the village like wildfire, and before long a large and teeming mob had gathered outside the house of the clergyman, meaning to lynch him.

Seeing the crowd approach from the front of his house, the pastor disappeared, getting out of his house through the back window.

Jairus Matekwa is a pastor of Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) church, located in Amalemba, a suburb of the Kakamega County.

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When asked what action she would want to take against the suspect, the owner of the chicken stated that she had no intention of prosecuting the suspect. According to her, all she wants is to be paid the market value of the chicken, as she had spent some money in rearing the animal and would not let this go without being paid the full amount for the animal.

A report of the case has been filed with the local police, and the missing pastor is still on the run. According to the police, investigations are still ongoing to ascertain if the chicken was really raped.