Penguin Random House Says The Obamas’ Books Will Be Published Worldwide

Penguin random house has announced that the launching of the Obamas’ books will be a global event.

During the announcement, the publishing company disclosed that they have got publishers from Ireland to South Africa lined up for the two books which will be released by Crown, a subsidiary of the company from the US and Canada.

The books will have Spanish editions destined for Spain, Mexico and several countries in South America.

English editions will come out in the United Kingdom, Australia, India and elsewhere. Deals for other countries and languages are still pending as titles and release dates have not yet been disclosed.

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The former U.S. President Barack and his wife Michelle has set a wonderful standard which has made them popular all over the world.

Obama’s former books which include, Dreams Of My Father, Audacity Of Hope and Of Thee I Sing are part of the top 10 best sellers in the United States and beyond.

The Obamas’ agreed to the deal with Penguin Random House last month for a whooping $60 million which was negotiated by Robert Barnet.

More so, Obama has been in the spotlight in Trump’s administration with the current President leveling a series of accusations against the former President.

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Trump first alleged that the Obama administration was behind the claims that his campaign had links with Russia which led to the firing of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. In recent times, Trump has also claimed that President Obama himself, ordered for the wiretaping of his New York home during last year’s election.

Some of the establishments of Obama have come under serious threat under President Trump most importantly the affordable health care act or Obamacare which his administration wants to replace.

The Obamas will be looking to give their points of view on different matters as well as share their experiences in the White House with the upcoming book launch.

The Obamas’ have also promised to donate a portion of the book payment to select charities.