Photo: Gold Toyota VX Spotted In Nairobi, Who Could Be Behind The Wheels?

Have you heard about the latest happening in our own Nairobi? Okay, if you are yet to be informed, just know that a Gold Toyota VX was recently seen in Nairobi. Recall when we were singing praises of the richest men in Dubai who drive Gold plated cars, diamond plated cars and also how they spend their cash like its nothing, living flamboyantly? Well it did not occur to us that Kenyan men are just on their way to such flashy lifestyle. The moneyed Kenyan men have proven to the ladies that it is not only in Dubai that golden cars are driven. Yes, it is not only the richest men in Dubai who know exactly how to spend their cash or who like flashy things of the world.

Kenyan men have refused to be intimidated by the way Dubai men are showing off their earnings. However, Dubai men might still be leading because it was just one man who did the rescue mission. One man among Kenyan men exclusively broke the record. Perhaps, he had left a trail for others to follow, so we hope that with time, they will match up to top spenders in Dubai.

Anyway, this only tells us that we are really making progress. Just a glance at this gold-plated car, you will in an instant imagine what the owner will look like. For example,

You might begin to picture someone who must be showy, bold, flamboyant, confident, attractive, rich, a risk taker, bling bling lover, plus many other attributes. You are really free to think all these because you must be of a certain breed to be brazen enough to cover your Toyota VX in gold chrome wrapping. As expected, the owner of the car achieved what he intended as people can’t seem to get enough at one glance.  They must have to turn their eyes to have a second or more looks.

Anyway,  you might be right with your imaginations as rumour has it that it belongs to the Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko. One Senator famous for being one of Kenya’s most extravagant characters. In fact anyone who knows Mike Sonko too well will not be stunned by this, as he never misses a chance to add some bling to whatever he does. He is always happy to flaunt his wealth in the face of his voters and the people of Nairobi.

It was alleged that his arrival at the Lee Funeral Home on Tuesday increased the intensity of the situation, even for Sonko. He rode in a gold Toyota SUV and was surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards.

keep in mind that what you see is not a paint job, but a wrapping of Gold Chrome Vinyl. I really don’t know how true this is, but somebody mentioned that For about Sh2500, you can get a 1m by 1m wrapping. For a typical car, you’ll need between 50 and 100 of wrapping, so we can only presume the owner of this VX spent about sh200,000. The VX perhaps in itself expensive, but the gold look probably added quite little to the final price tag.

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