In Photos: Wakorino Draining Down Beer At A Kenyan Bar

Is it biblical for staunch Christians to drink alcohol?

While this subject always sparks many controversial opinions among Christians and non-Christians alike, three Wakorino seem to know the answer already as they were captured in a photo guzzling beer in style.

The three Akorino who were having a heavy beer feast on some alcoholic drinks at a pub proudly smiled to a photo shot without any fear.

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The photo showing the religious group trying something entirely different has successfully gone viral on social media after it was shared across the social platforms.

The strange and never seen before oddity received special attention online as the strict religious pact observes a strict code of behaviour includes; avoiding family planning methods, abstinence from sex till marriage, not going to hospital among others.

Wakorino taking beer at a Kenyan bar-2

The religious sect usually identified by white turbans and long frilled dresses for the women do not, among other things, encourage any family planning methods.

Many of Wakorino do not even seek medical services and depend solely on prayers and fasting as a way of obtaining healing from sickness and diseases.

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One of the pictures shows a man puffing a cigarette on one arm, while the other one showed him wrapping himself around a bottle of Pilsner lager.

One of the women among them was washing down a Tusker from a tumbler. In another picture, the third woman could be seen gulping Guinness straight from the bottle.

Wakorino taking beer at a Kenyan bar-3

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Akorinos are often seen as  strict Christians who are supposed to keep off from liquor-indulgence. Even though it remains unclear how they operate their line of faith but speculations abound that their faith does not rule against swilling down alcoholic drinks.

However a few insist that the bible speaks against indulgence by a Christian since it affects decision-making.