Photos: Al-Shabaab Poses With Crashed US Drone

A suspected US drone allegedly crashed in southern Somalia in a territory held by the Islamist militant group al-Shabaab.

The surveillance aircraft came down on Tuesday morning at Baladul-Amin, an area held by Islamist militant group al-Shabab in Lower Shabelle region. After the crash, al-Shabaab militants went to the crash scene and took the remains of the plane.

A local journalist, who focuses on al-Shabaab, has tweeted photos of the alleged surveillance drone where the terror group had captured it.  In the picture,  one of the fighters could be seen trying to removing something from the drone.

See Tweet Below:

US drone captured by al shabaab-1

This is not the first of this kind of incident. Earlier this year, an unmarked drone, which the group said was armed with six missiles, came down in the hilly Buuraaha Sanda’ar region, about 60km northwest of the town of Baardheere on Sunday evening, in an area controlled by the al-Qaeda-linked armed group.

The drone wreckage and the six missiles were safely retrieved by the rebel group, an al-Shabaab commander told Al Jazeera reported.

A Pro Al-shabaab website online reported that a US drone also allegedly landed in Al-shabaab’s territory in Somalia in Walaweyn in lower shabelle province of Somalia.

US drone captured by al shabaab-2

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The surveillance device was believed to have developed a technical hitch. The website said the Islamic group’s top official claimed that the device belongs to United States and is fitted with spy cameras.

It was alleged that the drone has taken off from US base in Beled Ogle air base near the capital Mogadishu where some special troops are based for fight against armed group.

Last year, a US drone strike landed in Al-shabaab controlled area in Somalia, and armed group claimed to have grounded surveillance device belonging to US in Dinsor, but report remains unsubstantiated.

US drone captured by al shabaab-3

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US drones operate in Somali airspace to intensify the federal government’s fight against armed terror group Al-shabaab. Several drone strikes carried out in Somalia by United States has targeted and killed key Al-shabaab officials including founder Ahmed Godane on September 2014.

Meanwhile, the terror group al-Shabaab has continued mortar attacks on KDF base in Damascus, Gedo region of Somalia. The militants  have reportedly been launching overnight mortar raids on the Kenyan military base located in the strategic village.

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KDF therefore engaged in exchange of mortars with the militants. The crossfire has left many of the residents injured. Residents of the village, which is located 50Km north-west of El War town of Kenya, have fled the area to safer zones.