PHOTOS – Kenyan Air Hostesses vs Emirates Hostesses, Who Rocks Better?

In recent times, if air hostesses seem better suited and achingly adorable, they will win big for the airline. As expected, flight attendants are supposed to be the face of the airline they represent as they are given particular thought depending on the selection and appearance of their flight cabin crew. Oh Yea, when it comes to cabin crew, all the emphasis is on looks to the extent that recently, there’s been a rash of cabin crew going couture just to revitalize the staff apparel, for instance, when Japanese carrier Al Nippon Airways tapped Prabal Gurung whose designs have graced the backs of celebrities ranging from Michelle Obama to Lady Gaga.

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In fact, because they play the most active role in the advertisement of any airline in getting people pulled in to the use of the airline, air hostesses undoubtedly need to be good-looking and appealing starting from their height, figures and smile down to their uniform.  No matter where you are flying to,  no matter how short the distance is, the memory of the sight you behold while on the flight will always make you come back for more. Therefore, having in mind that selecting the most attractive air hostesses is nothing more than a marketing stunt to promote the airline’s service, employing the ones that will echo a collective “wow” in the minds of the passengers should be taken seriously.

Just imagine when they are not really that cute, and they approach you to inquire if there was something you need, you may give them a quick response just so you let them off you. Some might never need anything from them until the plane lands. Okay,  consider also the part when some over-eager passengers start un-buckling their seat belts before the plane actually lands, and one of the seemingly ugly cabin crew whose job is to sternly admonish the passengers not to do so approaches. In such situation, the passenger might not response as quickly as he would if she were extremely gorgeous.  Oh, no! don’t get me wrong, I’ m only saying what we will do generally about having unattractive person doing the jobs of a model.  Sincerely, even though we might not be anyway close to being more attractive than them, still we expect them to look hot for the job.

Now, the big question is: How is our own Kenya Airways doing this job? Well, wait until you see the photos comparing Kenya’s air hostesses and Emirates hostesses. You will not only want them to join a rash of cabin crew going couture, but also to reshuffle their employees and bring in the more attractive and flawless ones to do the job.

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