Photos Of The Beautiful Lady Who Was Sacked By Waititu for Denying Him S£X

Recently, MP, Francis Waititu, has severally hit the headlines for all the inappropriate reasons after it appeared that he had sent a lady working in his office home for denying him of S3x.

The lady was reported to have lost her job for saying a fat NO to the capitalized ill desire of her boss. But one question continues to pop into my head and it is, ‘how can an intelligent Mp sack someone while making his reasons known through text message?

‘Did he really think about his being busted or is he not sacred of whatever the outcome stands to be?

The lady whose name is Susan Wambui, was working as a receptionist at Juja CDF offices and she eventually got thrown out of her formal office after refusing Waititu the “honey pot”.

Susan Wambui, is blessed with a curvaceous and sexy body, and that lured the randy Mp into wanting to see more, but when his mean request was turned down, he sacked his CDF chair lady through text messages in October last year.

So you could say she got served for holding back her ‘juicy honey pot’. Meanwhile, the responsibly married woman told the Randy Juja Mp that it’s better to lose a job than destroy a marriage.

So we still have some brave ones in this corrupt era huh? Anyways, in case you are wondering what the brave lady who made a mess of the Mp’s desire looks like, below are her pictures, look your fill:


Beautiful right? What do you Think, If it was you in the MP’s office, would you have refused his offer and lost your job or would you have agreed to keep your job? Let us know in the comment section.

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