Photos Reveal The Family Using Kenya Police Plane As Their Family Private Jet

Recall that last week the Inspector General of police demanded explanations after he got a brief indicating that a Kenyan Police Airwing plane was not readily available to fly the GSU Recce Company on the morning masked gunmen stomped Garissa University College. We do recall that In the wake of media reports on Saturday, Kenyan Police Airwing plane was said to have been unavailable because it had been flown to Mombasa on an unofficial lease, carrying a handful of civilians from Mombasa to Nairobi. Some people thought it was only a scandal cooked up to get some people in trouble, but little did we know that government police was indeed used for family travel. Surprised? No, It shouldnt surprise you that Police Airwing commandant, Rogers Mbithi converted Police aircraft to his private jets.

He was only unlucky that he unofficially put state resources to wrong use on the day Recce Squad needed them most,  leading to the deaths of 147 people in the process. I mentioned this in an earlier post, perhaps some lives would have been saved had they used the police plane appropriately on the day of the attack.

It might interest you to know that Mbithi is currently under intense pressure after it appeared that on the day of Garissa attack, the Cessna plane that was supposed to fly Recce Squad to Garissa was conveniently in Mombasa for the single purpose of transporting his family from Mombasa. Note that, it is much affordable to obtain commercial tickets than burn all that return journey fuel for just two persons. Although, it is entirely unwise to assume they were not taken to Mombasa by the same plane.

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So, we have to embrace the fact that the plane is likely to have made 4 trips in all. It is rather appalling to imagine the lives lost to the weight of corruption in this country, making the move to end corruption entirely important.

However, we are well-aware that Mbithi is not the only person guilty of this kind of act. Yes, he is not the first, whether he will be the last is not for us to say. As we are certain that it’s not uncommon to see politicians on police choppers for personal business especially on weekends. In spite of te fact that I’ m not happy to bring the dead into this, but even on the day Saitoti died, he was on a personal Harambee mission inside a Police helicopter.

I’m only mad at how government officials who are supposed to work for the good of the country rather take advantage of their positions to misapply public property. What justification will this act right, nothing absolutely. In fact you are right to say that they really want to milk out every last penny and enjoy both official and unofficial perks.

Believe it or not Mbithi’s actions on April 2nd were not his first. Of course, it has been happening that are so correct to call it his usually routine. So when you see police plane flying don’t think duty is calling on these heads of police as their personal businesses call instead.

In case you still don’t believe it, watch the pictures where his daughters are keeping their Instagram followers busy with these photos taken right inside our country’s police plane.


Notice that they are dressed in entirely different cloths here, indicating his actions on that day were not the first and probably would not be the last.



Here is the plane in question.


I really don’t blame those singing praises to these people on instagram for using public resources as family resources. If only they knew this would cost the lives of Kenyan young blood they would have started early enough to let them know how wrong it was. Garissa attack only unveiled one aspect of all the corruptions sitting comfortably in our land.

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