Photos Showing The Extravagant Lifestyles Of Kenyan Celebrities

Most Kenyan celebrities have fun making their fans always wish for more especially when they make a view of photos showing their luxurious lifestyles. Kenyan celebrities just like other celebrities all over the world flaunt their earnings and luxurious lifestyles every now and then. While some see it as a source of inspiration, others see it as deceptive. Whether or not it is right, we cant help but admire the achievements of these celebrities. Below are top photos that shows the luxurious lifestyles of top musicians worthy of the hype.

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1. Jaguar


As at 2013, it was believed that Jaguar is the wealthiest artist in East Africa! owns a pendant worth 400,000 shillings, a Range Rover Sport worth 8 million shillings, a BMW 5 series worth 5 million, a Bentley worth 15 million, a Toyota Lexus worth 4 million, a black Mercedes E240 worth 5 million and a Jaguar worth 20-30 million. The cute Kenyan celebrity also owns a private jet. Jaguar is indeed in money…..enjoy J, hard works pays off well.

2. Mariga Mcdonald

Check out star footballer Mariga Mcdonald’s fleet Of Cars:


3. Eve D’Souza

This beautiful Diva parties at The Luxurious Spanish Island Of Ibiza and drives a very distinctive car that has a presence.


4. Prezzo


In the picture below, Prezzo flaunts his gold gun, gold wrist watch, shoes worth 84,000+ something shillings, his Giuseppe Zanotti white high-tops with gold detailing, maintaining his stance as the “Bling Master”. Prezzo is more than a fashionista, he is a fashion icon. See his kicks worth sh995 below, exclusive of shipping costs.

5. Vera sidika

The Kenyan socialite travels with first class airlines, lives an extravagant lifestyle, wears expensive cloths and jewels, rides stylish luxurious cars including a BMW and a Mercedes among others. In addition, the public figure paid about 170,000 dollars to bleach her skin and also pays Policemen who escort her around as bodyguards.


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