Photos Of Ugandan Singer Guvnor Ace Having Some Good Time in Sweden With His 68-year-old Wife

The 26-year-old Ugandan artist who arrived Sweden a few weeks ago to be with his 68-year-old wife shared photos of his stay on his Facebook wall. With the help of his wife Monalisa, Guvnor Ace was able to meet with some of his friends he hasn’t seen in years and they all joined in the good time.

Guvnor Ace whose real name is Ronald Ssemawere made headlines last year in Uganda after he got married to his 68 year old Swedish lover, Mona Lisa Larsson at a marriage registry in Kampala, Ugandan capital. Some people said it was sheer miracle while others said love conquered it all in their case, but the actual reason for his marriage to an older woman remains a controversy.

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Guvnor is so madly in love with his white wife despite the age difference and speculations. In point of fact, the star is said to have released two singles in her honor which he titled: Mona Lisa and Mukadde. In one of the songs, Guvnor sang

“The one you call elderly, I discovered secrets in her and she gives me love to the fullest”.

Here are some of the photos of the Ugandan Singer Guvnor Ace he shared online which are straight from their good times in Sweden.