snow in kenya

Snow In Kenya — A rare occurrence yesterday evening at Nyahururu, Nyandarua County has got Kenyans talking. Residents of the said area, for the first time in their lives, witnessed a snowy weather in Kenya.

Astonished motorists and passengers travelling along the Rumuruti-Nyahururu road paused to take pictures of the whitish substances that covered the road and nearby farms.

Photos and videos of the rare occurrence quickly sent the internet abuzz and even generated a trending hashtag #snowinkenya.

The occurrence is indeed a very rare one in the East African country which lies along the Equator.

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While Kenyans were celebrating the arrival of the Western norm in the East African country, The Kenyan Meteorological Agency, as if to spoil the fun for Kenyans, took to their Twitter account to explain that the whitish substance was not snow but a hailstorm.

KMA Tweeted:

“The event in Nyahururu is a hail storm. Such storms occurs when there is abrupt convection and rain clouds form too fast.” The Agency further explained in another Tweet that ‘‘For it to snow temperatures are usually below 0°C.”

Snow often occurs when the temperature is extremely cold both up in the clouds and close to the ground, else snowflakes formed high above would melt upon reaching the ground.

The only area in the country that have seen signs of snow is the tip of the Mount Kenya which is the second highest point in Africa after the Mount Kilimanjaro.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that the snowy incidence occurred in Nyahururu, an area situated close to the Mount Kenya.

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Early on Tuesday, many regions in the country were reported to have temperatures below 20 degrees Celcius.

In May this year, residents in Lusaka, Zambia were treated to a snowy experience as well. Residents of the area woke up one morning to find the streets covered with whitish substances.

Just like in the Kenyan case, the Meteorological Agency in the country reported that the snowy substance was as a result of a hailstorm that had fallen following a heavy rainfall in the area.



snow in kenya

snow in kenya

snow in kenya

snow in kenya

snow in kenya