Piers Morgan

British TV personality Piers Morgan has unleashed another verbal tirade on Kim Kardashian’s family in a recent column in the Daily Mail.

The former CNN presenter who admitted to having a soft spot for Kim in the past which led to his vigorous defense of her actions purported as attention seeking said he was officially “done” with her after her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she gave a tearful recount of the robbery in Paris last year.

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Piers Morgan

“I just can’t stomach the sight or thought of any of these talentless, publicity-crazed, unctuously self-absorbed, vacuous wastrels for a single moment longer,” wrote Morgan.

“What tipped me over the edge? Kim’s pathetic new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the world’s most simpering chat show host and chief celebrity sycophant.”

In the interview, Kardashian explained how her outlook on life and material things has changed following the Paris robbery. She also talked about having taken more time off to spend with her two children.

“Kim Kardashian wants us to think she’s turned over a new leaf, that she’s renounced her old materialistic ways. That, as a mother of two young children herself, she has learned how to behave in a responsible fashion,” Morgan rhetorically asks.

He goes on to point out that Kim is going public with her recent distaste for materialism as she simultaneously promotes her KIMOJI line which features racy content, like an ashtray-asstray and other drug-related emojis.

“But she hasn’t. The truth is that she’s now using her massive global platform to actively corrupt our kids.”

“Kim Kardashian’s now selling nudity, drugs, booze and high-risk sex to the youth of the world and making hundreds of millions of dollars in the process,” continued Morgan. “Do we really want someone like her to be the role model our young daughters look up to and want to emulate?”

He goes ahead to condemn her for using and exploiting her children in the money-making scheme while “pretending to prioritize their safety and interests”.

Piers Morgan also drags the whole Kardashian – Jenner clan into it saying they have greedily joined the ruthlessly commercial game.

Piers Morgan

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“I want them gone from public life, expunged from the airwaves, thrown off the newsstands, and extinguished from the celebrity ether. They’ve become a pitiful parody of stinking, sobbing hypocrisy that should no longer be encouraged or tolerated in civilized society.”

“It’s time to boot Kim Kardashian and her gigantic, surgically enhanced backside into the same obscurity from which she once crawled thanks to that infamous sex tape.”