VIDEO: Police Raid Governors Club, Beat The Dawning Daylight Out Of Revellers

Recently, police officers were captured in a CCTV footage harassing merry makers at a club in Nairobi.

The video, shared on social media and already making the rounds, was reportedly recorded at Governors Club in Embakasi and it shows armed men ransacking the joint while assaulting clubbers.

In the video, the said officers walked towards the convince, attacking and grabbing anyone who was hidden in the toilets.

An unconfirmed reports allege that officers from Embakasi Police Station had clashed with Kenya Defence Force (KDF) soldiers at the club but were beaten and subdued.

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After the fight, policemen sheepishly went to the police station to gather arms in a bid to get even. But the soldiers were gone by the time they got back to the party. In retaliation for the treatment meted out to them, the police officers meted their anger towards the party goers.

One of the officers is captured waving a pistol while his colleagues punches anybody they could lay their hands on.

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They dragged a lady who is seemingly halfway through her business in the toilet, pouring water on her behind.

Here is the video:

Speaking  on the video, Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome urged those who might have been harassed or beaten by any police officer during the incident to come forward and report for disciplinary action to be taken.

Mr Koome said he can’t comment on anything that has not been reported at the police stations since the issue is a sensitive one concerning two Kenyan security agencies.

He warned the public to report incidents such as this before posting and circulating things on social media. The police, he says, should not be learning about sensitive crimes from the internet.

Early report on the other hand said the video was probably the footage of officers effecting an eviction notice at the premises.