Police Reduced To Ashes In Mandera Al-Shabaab Attack

Two policemen among the five dead ones who were ambushed by al-shabaab jihadists on Monday morning in north-eastern Kenya were burned beyond recognition, Mandera County Police Commander Job Boronjo has said.

He added that four policemen survived the attack. After the raid, the attackers fled to Kenya’s border with Somalia, Mr Boronjo said. Reports also say about 45 al Shabaab militiamen were seen crossing into the country on May 29.

A leaked intelligence report stated that the militants entered Kenya through the border village of Sugrow at around 2pm. We learned that security agencies, including the Kenya Defence Forces, were put on high alert.

Mandera County Governor Ali Roba condemned the attack through his twitter page. He however slammed police for not taking action. Al shabaab jihadists ambushed the policemen as they escorted a Makkah bus.

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Besides the five deaths, five other officers got wounded in the incident in Dabasity, Mandera county. The officers’ car was destroyed  but passengers of the bus were safe.

This is the third attack involving Makkah bus which plies the Nairobi-Mandera route. In December 2015, gunmen attacked a bus between Kotulo and Dabasiti in Mandera at 7am. The bus had stopped over at Kutulo Wajir after night trips were banned in the region.

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In 2014, a bus was attacked near Mandera by al Shabaab militants who killed 28 non-Muslims travelling to Nairobi for the Christmas holiday.

Somalia’s Shabaab jihadists have been witnessing intense attack lately. The group, on that note, has been staging attacks in retaliation. Recently the group attacked Ethiopian military base in Somalia. They also after the announcement of the killing of its key member who masterminded Garrissa attack, hit some hotels in the country.

The fighters, who are still mourning one of their chief organizing commander – suspected of organising the 2015 attack on Kenya’s Garissa University that left 148 people dead – also saw some of its members sentenced to death over the weekend.