Police Recover Gun Used In Jacob Juma’s Assassination

Police have revealed that a gun recovered from four suspects who were gunned down over the weekend matches two empty cartridges retrieved from the scene where businessman Jacob Juma’s assassination took place.

The agency added that the four suspects who had AK47 rifle on them got killed near Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi on Saturday. A pistol was also recovered during the incident and following a ballistic examination, results show the hoodlums may have links with the city billionaire’s death.

Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet assured that the new findings will pave a smoother way to the arrest of the murderers.

“This could therefore lead to the arrest of the murderers of the late Jacob Juma,”

He further hinted on the areas which the investigation covered to include ballistic examination of two spent cartridges from the murder scene which indicate it was from an AK47.

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AK47 rifle and pistol with 60 bullets which were found on the men, who had been linked to a series of robberies and kidnapping incidents in the city, were also scrutinized. Additionally, two like weapons recovered during the recent encounters with robbers were also checked and they all show one of them could be the murder weapon.

One of those shot dead during the Saturday incident was an ex-police officer based at Wilson Airport police station. The man, whose real names the police refused to disclose, was known on Facebook as ‘Birarutosha’. Nairobi CID boss Ireri Kamwende said the four men were part of a criminal group that carjacks people in the city and then demands ransom from their families.

Jacob Juma last steps cid

This is the first AK47 recovered in the hands of criminals since the businessman was murdered. The CIDs have also considered phone records, eliciting valid data that can lead to the arrest of the murderers and accomplices in the crime.

Who Have Been Grilled Over Jacob Juma’s Assassination?

The investigating team have so far recorded statements from 28 people including Juma’s widow over the killing of the billionaire. Ms Miriam Wanjiru, the widow, surrendered to police the pistol that had been licensed to Juma indicating he did not have the weapon at the time of the killing on May 5, along Ngong Road.

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The officers have also interrogated the owner and driver of a rickety vehicle that was used to tow Juma’s car from the scene of murder to the police station.

Karen police station officers who were the first to arrive at the scene have also been grilled, as was the woman he was last seen with. The woman alleged to be his girlfriend had received Sh30,000 from Juma on the day of his death and told police she was to meet him that evening at his apartment in Westlands but his phone was not going through.

Lawyer Ahmedinasir Abdulahi has also recorded statement with police over the incident as he was among the people he met the day of his demise. According to police, another girlfriend who works with a well-known courier firm whom Juma sent Sh60, 000 to buy a mobile phone has also been grilled alongside the house help at the apartment where he had been. The house help reportedly received Sh9, 500 the day before his death.

The investigators used the IC3 Command Centre at Jogoo House where they viewed shots taken through the Automated Number Plate Recognition cameras and video clips from the intelligent video surveillance cameras to retrace his last moment.

But the Police report  does not match the records at the apartment which show Juma left there at 7.45 pm.

Juma was shot by gunmen as he drove to his Karen home on May 6, but not one of his possessions was tampered with. Juma’s two mobile phones, golden Rolex watch and Sh6, 500 were among the personal effects found in the car after the shooting, police said.