Pictures: 3 Civilians Dead As Police Fight To Save Kidnappers

Three people have  been killed after police officers shot at them while trying to disperse an angry mob in a Bondo crisis. The three were rushed to Siaya Referral Hospital where they were confirmed dead.

The sad incident took place when an angry crowd of people moved towards the police station, clamouring for some suspected kidnappers to be dealt with.

Police  were then forced to use tear gas canisters to disperse the mob. The security team were later said to have fired several shots into the air, but somehow, a handful of people ended up dead.

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The alleged kidnappers, two women in their late fifties, were caught by members of the public sneaking out with a day-old baby in a basket. They were rounded up by a group of people who questioned the whereabouts of the mother of the child they had tried kidnapping.

3 dead as Police shoot Protesters to protect Kidnappers - 2

As the crowd grew in number, the suspects were marched to Bondo police station by a man who noticed the crowd wanted to lynch them.

The crowd, nonetheless, headed to the station with them, throwing stones at the police when they were not allowed to beat the women. What came immediately was a series of gunshots from the police in a bid to disperse the crowd. The mild fracas lasted close to six hours.

3 dead as Police shoot Protesters to protect Kidnappers

In the process, they attacked Bondo OCPD Paul Kiarie who had to run to safety.

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When the situation became calm, the OCPD said the suspects told him the child belongs to their sister-in-law who passed away during childbirth on Tuesday and they were going to Nyangoma Children’s Home to give the child up for adoption.

The Police issued a formal statement as regards the incident, naming the suspects as Alice Nyawino and Margaret Juma.

they also said they confirmed through the Siaya Sub County hospital that the baby indeed belonged to the suspects’ kin who died during delivery at the hospital.

Kiarie also mentioned that kidnapping crimes have risen lately in the region but warned the public against taking matters into their own hands.

In their post, police have termed the incident as sad, cautioning anyone against attacking a police post, to avoid terrible aftermath.