Police Officer Kills Herself At JKIA, Leaves This Message For Her Son

A female police officer, Gaudencia Mwausi, shot herself dead on August 24 at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

The 28-year-old officer was found dead by a cleaner, inside a toilet on the rooftop of the old arrival section.

The officer allegedly left her phone, baton and cap in the radio room with her male colleagues before sneaking into the toilet where she was found dead.

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Investigators checked her phone and saw messages she left for her son. In one of the messages, the female officer, identified as Gaudencia Wausi, reminded her son that she loves him, moments before she turned the gun on herself.

“My sweet baby may you grow while blessed, always remember mum loves you, [sic],” Wausi wrote on her WhatsApp.

She further expressed disappointment in her life suggesting that people had gathered up against her and she didn’t have the strength to hold on.

She wrote on her Facebook timeline:

“Life is so difficult wen u live in a world here, everybody is planning evil against u and wat happens wen u cant hold it anymore and no more strength to support the few people who love and cherish u???u are left with no other option other than…..so help me God.”


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police woman kills herself, leaves message for her son


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Police are still trying to sort out what must have led to the corporal officer’s death

It was reported that Mwausi recently returned on duty at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi after a yearly leave. She was allegedly happy on resumption that no one expected her to kill herself.

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In a separate incident in Homa Bay, a female constable first set her two children on fire, killing them, before taking her own life the same way.

Constable Judith Gallant, an administration police officer, reportedly locked up her children aged four and six years and herself in the house.

What might have prompted her to carry out such bloody act remains unknown as police investigation continues. The officer had also resumed work from her annual leave days before the 10:00 am an incident.