Police Plan Most Brutal Welcome For Protesters At IEBC Offices

Government has deployed flood of police officers to guard IEBC offices located in Anniversary Towers as it waits for CORD demonstrators to hit the street in protest.

The police officers are instructed to arrest any protester who comes near the premises. Police released a statement, urging the key planners of the protest to call it off and seek an alternative solution to their problems instead.

However, Cord plots to disband IEBC and the party says it intends to execute its plot by storming the commission’s offices on Monday morning to take it out by force. The reason to hold the protest against the commission, the party says, is to get it dissolved before 2017 elections approaches, given that the commission has lost it tenability and is no longer qualified to conduct the elections.

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Cord co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka had urged the party’s supporters to turn up en mass for the peaceful demonstration until the team folds up the commission. The commission however has challenged the politicians to use legal means to remove them.

Announcing that it is ready to receive CORD protesters, the Commission says nobody can get it manipulated or intimidated or make it give into pressure in discharging its mandate. In a statement, the commission added that it will hold dutifully firm to the law and render fair and just decisions.

The Commission said it will follow nobody’s instructions or directives in discharging its mandate. But, it is required to engage and involve the public generally and specific stakeholders in its processes and decision-making, IEBC communication manager Andrew Limo said.

Expressing its commitment to implementing the Election Operations Plan, the commission said it will take wide measures to make sure that the next election will be credible and reliable.

It stated:

“The Commission remains committed to engagement with all players on all aspects of its work and the electoral process provided it is done within the law, with decorum and with due regards to its independence.”

IEBC said it expects Cord and all citizens to uphold the rule of law like everyone else, appealing to the political players to stop attempting to get it sidetracked.

These preparations will suffer if the Commission is subjected to frequent disruption, unfounded agitation, meddling and interference. We urge the public and all stakeholders to support and facilitate the Commission’s efforts of ensuring a free and fair election.

Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome said the planned protest will not hold and if it does, police will fend it off by all means. He called on the protesters to look for a better way of addressing their grievances. Koome further stated that the crowd or whoever that would arrive at the commission’s office for the demonstration will be dispelled by the police.