Police Radio Tracked Down To Site Of lawyer’s Murder – Interior CS Nkaissery

A police pocket radio held by Sgt Fredrick Leliman, among those detained for the killing of lawyer Willie Kimani, his client and their taxi driver, was tracked to the murder site, Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has said.

Mr Nkaissery revealed that the radio remained close to Nairobi’s Soweto slum – suspected to be the murder site – before being taken to Juja and went out of range the day the three of them vanished.

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The CS added that locals living close to the slum sighted a suspicious car the night the men went missing and alerted a neighbour who works with the police force at the Mlolongo Weighbridge.

He told the National Assembly Security committee on Tuesday:

“When the officer questioned the two men near the vehicle, they identified themselves as police officers.”

He believed them because one of them had a police pocket radio. He added one of them had a Maasai shawl.

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The officer later found another car with six people near the same spot. Nkaissery however, avoided revealing the identity of the six. He rather disclosed that one of the officers linked to the murder of Kimani and the other two was found with a police radio.

Mr Nkaissery said the killings are believed to have taken place in Soweto. And then he added:

“There is circumstantial evidence at the moment but there is no evidence to show who pulled the trigger, who hit the fellow.”

The CS said the driver of the vehicle captured on the police surveillance cameras at City Cabanas at 12.27 pm on the day the three disappeared is yet to be uncovered.

However, he assured that the radio that officer Fredrick Leliman had will add a leg up to the scrutiny.

Police officers Fredrick Leliman, Stephen Chebulet, Leonard Mwangi and Silvia Wanjiku have been in detention for links to the murder of the human right lawyer and two others.