Over 55 People Dead Following Clash Between Ugandan Police And Royal Guards In The Rwenzori Region

Ugandan authorities on Monday said they have taken control of a tribal king’s palace following weekend clashes between police and royal guards in the Rwenzori region.

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Authorities say the attackers were fighting to create an independent state in the area near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Army spokesman Paddy Ankunda said the king of the region, Charles Wesley Mumbere, was detained for questioning.

The king has been a strong supporter of opposition parties who are challenging President Yoweri Museveni victory in the polls in February.

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The opposition accuses the government of stoking tensions in the region where there has been unrest since the election. They also say that the government is trying to clamp down on political activity interfering with their rights.

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Police spokesman Mansur Suwed told Reuters that they managed to kill 46 royal guards, arresting 139. He added that 16 police officers were also killed during the fight.

When asked, the police spokesman, Suwed said:

”The town is calm but we’re still patrolling and monitoring. We have burnt down all the camps the guards had established and also we have taken over the royal palace,”

Rwenzori region

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Ugandan authorities have listed a rifle, a pistol, four walkie-talkies, a cache of machetes, spears and petrol bombs as items seized from the fighters.

They added that patrols have increased in Kasese, the biggest town in the Rwenzori region in a bid to restore calmness back to the town.