Police Begin Search For Governor Hassan Joho, Raid Homes Belonging To Relatives And Friends

Police personnel on Friday morning began their search for Governor Hassan Joho by raiding homes belonging to his relatives and close friends.

The governor, whose whereabouts are unknown, left his Nyali home to an unknown location after his armed security guards were withdrawn by the government.

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Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi was also dealt the same fate. Several claims have been made as to why the guards were withdrawn under unclear circumstances.

It, however, coincidentally occurred less than 36 hours after the pair launched a scathing attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta when he was commissioning a footbridge.

Joho told President Kenyatta, who was standing next to him, not to take credit for projects not funded by his government.

Governor Joho’s guards have since been reinstated by the government but were rejected and chased away. He went ahead to hire private security to guard him.

Search For Governor Hassan Joho

The government is reportedly now resorting to chasing after his friends and relatives in the search for Governor Hassan Joho because he refuses to comply.

He said the reasons for the raids were unclear but that they must be of bad intention.

”My cousin and friends houses were full of police officers this morning. I’m told nothing was found,” he said.

Speaking at the grand opposition rally on Thursday, Joho boasted that he did not need Jubilee’s security but that his people would protect him.

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He insinuated that the re-instated security were spies sent to gather information about him seeing that there was no official communication regarding their deployment.

The county chief, however, noted that the raid was anticipated and that those within his circle were prepared psychologically and physically for a worst case scenario.