Police Spokesperson Charles Owino Loses Daughter

The daughter of Kenya Police spokesman Charles Owino passed on early Monday, June 6, 5.30am while receiving treatment at Getrude’s Children Hospital. It is yet unclear what actually led to her death.

Her body was immediately moved to Lee Funeral home in Nairobi after she was confirmed dead.

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Owino visited Lee Funeral Home where he had gone to have a look at the body of his dead child. The deceased was a Form One student at Kenya High School, located in Nairobi City.

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino Bereaved

Her death comes days after Raila Odinga railed at the police commissioner for supporting the killing of three innocent civilians during IEBC protest.

Amid the reports that police robbed and shot unarmed protesters,  Kenya Police Service spokesman Charles Owino argued that the force need not to be remorseful for the killings that occurred on Monday.

He made the statement when he spoke to the media in Nyeri on Tuesday last week.

Mr Owino also said the police owe no apologies to the relatives of the dead nor to the government, warning protesters not to pose risk to the lives of officers because police are obligated to ensure their own safety before protecting the country.

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“Do not threaten the life of a police officer. We have a responsibility to protect ourselves first as we protect the public and other police officers”

Mr Owino also defended the excessive use of power by the police officers during Monday’s demonstration, saying every protest will always have an armed party.

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Expressing his admiration for the brazen work discharged, the spokesman praised officers particularly the ones who dispersed protesters in Siaya – where two people got killed – as they were engaged in running battles for over six hours.

In response, CORD leader Raila Odinga expressed his shock over the “reckless and irresponsible statement”.