Kenya as  an independent country has enjoyed some level of peace and stability politically until recently. The politics in Kenya encourage a multi-party system which has been in effect since 1992 but this also  has recorded a drastic decline in the recent time. Basically, Kenya’s political system is something that could be regarded as a two-party system in terms of characteristics, since two dominant political parties in Kenya c.q. coalitions have dominated since the last general elections in 2007. On the contrary to what a lot of people think, Kenya actually has a multi-party system that dates as far back as 1992 with one of the ruling coalitions consisting of several parties. As of 2007, there are more than 160 registered political parties in Kenya, however with the implementation of several Political Parties Acts that came on 31 December 2008 act, the number was drastically reduced and on 30 April 2012, twenty-four political parties were issued registration certificates while 22 others had applied for registration. We’ve decided to come up with a comprehensive list of Kenya political parties, so glance below to see a comprehensive list of political parties in Kenya with registration certificates.

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Kenya-flag - political parties in Kenya

A Comprehensive List of Political Parties in Kenya

  • Agano Party (AP)
  • Alliance for Real Change
  • Alliance Party of Kenya (APK)
  • Chama Cha Mwananchi (CCM)
  • Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU)
  • Conservative Party (CP)
  • Democratic Party of Kenya (DP)
  • Farmers Party (FP)
  • Federal Party of Kenya (MDM)
  • Ford-People (FORD-P)
  • Forum For Restoration of Democracy-Kenya (FORD-KENYA)
  • Grand National Union (GNU)
  • Kenya African Democratic Union-Asili (KADU-ASIL)
  • Kenya African National Union (KANU)
  • Kenya National Congress (KNC)
  • Kenya Social Congress (KSC)
  • Maendeleo Democratic Party (MDP)
  • Mazingira Greens Party of Kenya (MGPK)
  • Mkenya Solidarity Movement (MSM)
  • Muungano Development Movement Party of Kenya (MP)
  • Mwangaza Party (MP)
  • NARC-Kenya (NARC-K)

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  • National Agenda Party of Kenya (NAPK)
  • National Democratic Movement (NDM)
  • National Labour Party (NLP)
  • National Party of Kenya (FPK)
  • National Rainbow Coalition (NARC)
  • The National Vision Party (NVP)
  • New Democrats (ND)
  • New Ford Kenya (NFK)
  • Nuru Party
  • Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)
  • Party of Action (POA)
  • Party of Democratic Unity (PDU)
  • Party of Independent Candidates of Kenya (PICK)
  • Party of National Unity (PNU)
  • Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
  • Peoples Party of Kenya (PPK)
  • Progressive Party of Kenya (PPK)
  • Restore and Build Kenya (RBK)

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  • Saba Saba Asili (77)
  • Safina Party (SAFINA)
  • Shirikisho Party of Kenya (SPK)
  • Sisi Kwa Sisi Party (SSP)
  • Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP)
  • The Independent Party (TIP) * The Labour Party of Kenya (LPK)
  • The National Alliance (TNA)
  • United Democratic Forum Party (UDFP)
  • United Democratic Movement (UDM)
  • United Republican Party (URP)
  • Unity Party of Kenya (UPK)
  • Wiper Democratic Movement- Kenya (WDM-K)