A Chinese baby caused a real buzz of shock in the whole city after he was born with a total of 31 fingers and toes. This case of polydactyly (having more than 5 finger or toes), has pushed the boundaries of the maximum number of fingers and toes to have been discovered on a human being.

The three-month-old boy, dubbed Honghong, has 15 fingers and 16 toes. And what’s more puzzling, he also has two palms on each hand, with no thumbs, according to People’s Daily Online.

The parents, who live in the rural Hunan province, and who are unlikely to afford the money for surgery, are desperately seeking for help to find medical treatment for him. Local doctors at a hospital in Hunan, central China, says the surgery will be very tough as he is suffering from a severe case of polydactyly.

According to People’s Daily, the parents of the boy say there were no indications of his deformities on pre-natal scans. His mother, who also has polydactyly (she has 12 fingers and 12 toes) said Honghong’s condition shocked her the most as countless pre-natal scans could not show it.

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 The scans, allegedly done in hospitals in Shenzhen, China, including an advanced four-dimensional ultrasound, came out negative. The doctors reassured her the baby would have the normal number of fingers and toes.

Polydactyly surgery could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and to raise the money, local papers have been urging people to help the parents.

The method for removing an extra fingers and toe depends on how it connects to the hand or foot. An extra digit may connect with only a narrow stalk of tissue, or it may connect more deeply and share bones, muscles and other tissues with the hand or foot.

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Therefore, the child’s surgery which is usually done in early childhood to give the baby fingers and toes that work better and are typical will be based on his exact condition.


Medical journals say the condition affects a reported 1 in 1,000 kids, and can’t be regarded as rare genetic disorder.




In 2010, a boy in China was born with 31 toes and fingers. At 6, he had the doctors remove his extra toes in a successful surgery. The unnamed boy from Shenyang, China, could not make use of his hands since three of his fingers on each hand were fused together. His peers in school at the time called him monster.

Also, the boy had beat the then-world record of 25 digits, held by two Indian children who had 12 fingers and 13 toes each.

As of 2014, the person holding the Guinness world record for polydactyly was Devendra Suthar, a carpenter from Gujarat, India, with 14 fingers and 14 toes. He revealed that his condition does not disrupt him from working just like everyone else.