Pope Francis New Document: Welcomes Gay Communities And Divorcees

Pope Francis new document shows more tolerant and less judgement on what the church describes as irregularities. Based on the new statement, Pope Francis urged the church to be more accepting of divorced Catholics, gays and lesbians, and other people living in what the church regards as “irregular” situations.

Pope Francis has asked for the doors of the Catholic Church to be shoved open a little wider, calling for the church to be more tolerant in practice while not changing any formal doctrines. He encouraged the priests around the world to be more accepting of gays and lesbians,

On Friday, Pope Francis new guidelines, published with the title “On Love in the Family”, that argue the Church should show more understanding of modern realities but that it should not change Catholic doctrine.

The world’s 1.3bn Roman Catholics have been waiting keenly for the document, according to two Synods on the issue. The document paves a way for bishops in each country to interpret doctrine to suit their own culture.

The document shows the Pope’s views on family life, marriage, contraception and bringing up children as it urges the priest to be merciful instead of being judgmental.

In the document the pope writes:

“A pastor cannot feel that it is enough simply to apply moral laws … as if they were stones to throw at people’s lives,” Francis writes in a sweeping paper outlining his stance on family matters.”

He encourages the church to show more common sense and less on thinking following of rules.

“By thinking that everything is black and white, we sometimes close off the way of grace and growth.”

He stressed in the groundbreaking new document that “unjust discrimination” against gays and lesbians is unacceptable, downplays the idea of “living in sin” and opines that priests should use their own discretion on whether divorced Catholics in new marriages can take Communion.

According to the document, the Pope wrote:

I understand those who prefer a more rigorous pastoral care which leaves no room for confusion. But I sincerely believe that Jesus wants a Church attentive to the goodness which the Holy Spirit sows in the midst of human weakness,” .

In the document that took the pontiff three years to put together, the pope slammed the individualism that has caused scores in the West to value their own personal satisfaction over the needs of their spouses. The Pope agreed to sex education, but he insists it must be based on education about love.

The overall emphasis of the pope, is on better pastoral care: better teaching of couples on what marriage encompasses, and more understanding from parish priests and others for human weakness in character and moral standards.

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Here Is What  Pope Francis New Document Says About…

Divorcees remarrying: “Language or conduct that might lead them to feel discriminated against should be avoided, and they should be encouraged to participate in the life of the community. The Christian community’s care of such persons is not to be considered a weakening of its faith and testimony to the indissolubility of marriage…”

Contraception: “The use of methods based on the ‘laws of nature and the incidence of fertility’ are to be promoted, since ‘these methods respect the bodies of the spouses, encourage tenderness between them and favour the education of an authentic freedom’

Women: “The verbal, physical, and sexual violence that women endure in some marriages contradicts the very nature of the conjugal union. I think of the reprehensible genital mutilation of women practised in some cultures, but also of their lack of equal access to dignified work and roles of decision-making”.

Sex education: “Frequently, sex education deals primarily with ‘protection’ through the practice of ‘safe sex’. Such expressions convey a negative attitude towards the natural procreative finality of sexuality, as if an eventual child were an enemy to be protected against…. It is always irresponsible to invite adolescents to toy with their bodies and their desires, as if they possessed the maturity, values, mutual commitment and goals proper to marriage. They end up being blithely encouraged to use other persons as a means of fulfilling their needs or limitations”.

Gay people: “Every person, regardless of sexual orientation, ought to be respected in his or her dignity and treated with consideration… As for proposals to place unions between homosexual persons on the same level as marriage, there are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family”.

The pope in a quest to produce effective on the research he made for three years before putting together the work, sent a questionnaire to families across the world asking them about their hopes and their fears.

He then invited bishops and cardinals together for two Synods in Rome, at which he urged them to deliberate and even to disagree over matters that brings division to the Church in many countries.

The pope found that offering communion to the divorced and remarried people, contraception and the treatment of gay Catholics were among the most divisive issues.

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