Pope Francis’ Pregnant Secretary Found Dead

The Pope’s receptionist Miriam Wuolou, seven months pregnant, has recently been found dead in her apartment.

The 34-year-old Eritrean woman had worked at Pope Francis’ house and at Santa Marta, a guest house for priests, for over eight years.

Reports reaching BuzzKenya from our Italian correspondents say that she worked as a gatekeeper for not only the pope, but for some bishops and cardinals who stayed in the guest house as well.

After his appointment as the Vicar of Christ in 2013, the pope decided to live in the Santa Marta guesthouse, turning down the grand papal apartment because according to him, they were too extravagant, and also because he hated to be kept in isolation.

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Wuolou’s job would always start in the morning with greeting the Pope, and then handing him his personal messages.

Due to complications from diabetes, Ms Wuolou had been absent from work for days, and reports have it that she had been warned by doctors that her pregnancy was at risk, because she suffered from a serious kind of diabetes.

The case is under investigations, as the case is seen as one of neglect, and the police are interviewing her Italian ex-husband who many thought she might have married as a business arrangement, and a recent boyfriend of hers who happens to be a policeman working in the Vatican, as well as some other family members.

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According to results from the postmortem examination of the corpse, there is no sign of violence.

Miriam Wuolou went missing for several days, and her family was looking for her, before her brother discovered her body in the Pisana area south of Rome on Friday. DNA tests are to be carried out on the foetus soon, as the authorities work to determine who might be the father of the unborn child.

According to Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi,

Pope Francis had been informed of the death. We are all pained by this news.