Are you one of those people in the church who often pulls out smartphones to take a picture of yourself or whoever is officiating service? To check updates or reply messages?

Well, you should not be doing so as that time has been specifically reserved for the Lord.

These were the sentiments of Pope Francis who lashed out at pilgrims as well as snap-happy bishops and priests who never miss a chance to whip out their smartphones and take photos of him.

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“At a certain point, the priest leading the ceremony says ‘lift up our hearts’. He doesn’t say ‘lift up our mobile phones to take photographs’,” he told those gathered in Saint Peter’s square for mass on Wednesday.

“It’s so sad when I’m celebrating mass here or inside the basilica and I see lots of phones held up — not just by the faithful, but also by priests and bishops! Please!”

The 80-year-old Argentine pontiff who boasts a huge social media following, 14 million followers on his English-language Twitter account alone, is no stranger to the world of social media and often poses for selfies with young people.

He, however, has a problem with the devices taking over the traditional activities usually enjoyed by people.

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In February, the Pope admonished youngsters for always being on their phones and not enjoying life experiences such as family meals and having face to face conversation.

He called the internet, social media and text messages “a gift of God” if used wisely, but warned that such things could have dire consequences for society, going as far as resulting in wars.

He also tried to persuade today’s youth to swap their smartphones for pocket-sized Bibles.