Pope Loses His Temper With Person Who Nearly Pushed Him Down In Mexico

Remember the way Pope Francais waved gently during visit to Kenya and other parts of the world? Well, Pope Francis isn’t always that calm, especially when people act way selfish.

The accommodating Pontiff visibly lost his temper at a Mexican stadium when an unknown individual in the middle of a large crowd apparently pulled on him so hard that he nearly fell onto a child on a wheel chair.

The mishap took place as the Pope was greeting a crowd in the city of Morelia on Tuesday .

Video footage reveals that while the pope was walking at the edge of a crowd in an stadium, he made a stop to greet children who were sitting.

Two arms reached out from the crowd to grab him and the person held him tightly, even after the pope was almost laid flat on the child while his chest was pressing on the child’s head.

Aides and security men caught the pope before he could reach the ground. When he stood up, his face turned red and he couldn’t maintain his calmness anymore.

He turned back at the person, shouted and said twice in Spanish: “Don’t be selfish!” It was not clear if the person who pulled the pope was a man or a woman.








The look on his face came as a stunner for being known and seen as calm and collected Pope.

The incident in Morelia however might have his security detail on higher alert, particularly knowing that Pope will visit the notoriously violent city of Juarez, Mexico on Wednesday. Juarez, once referred to as the “murder capital of the world,” is located across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas. The Pope’s trip to the U.S.-Mexico border in Juarez is one that every Catholic has been waiting for.

This is because Pope Francis has spoken out against international borders which can’t be penetrated. He described as “monuments of exclusion” and even a “form of suicide” that closes countries in on themselves. He has also called on the United States and Mexico to protect Central American migrants, especially children, seeking to escape poverty and violence.

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