Portrait Wrestle: Duale Dares Rasanga To Hang Raila’s Portrait

Aden Duale has thrown down the gauntlet to Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga to keep his utterances concerning the replacement of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s portrait in his office with the Opposition leader’s.

He challenged him to lead the way to make other governors follow since he wants to tread where nobody has ever trodden in the history of any democratic government.

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Rasanga had advised all 24 Cord Governors to show honour to the coalition’s leadership by hacking down all President Uhuru’s portraits and replacing them with Raila Odinga’s portraits in their various offices.

He made this demand while addressing a cheering crowd during the memorial at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University grounds

Rasanga told a cheering crowd that it take a courageous man to make the replacement.

Quoting National Assembly Majority leader Dual:

Rasanga must know that it is only the portrait of President Uhuru Kenyatta that can be put in any public place. I dare him to replace it.

He can put as many as a thousand portraits of Raila in his house, on his bed and sleep on them or even worship them.

The Garissa Town MP, described Rasanga’s utterances as “reckless” and “a sheer hate speech.” He further advised the Governor to have a grip of his “demonstration of honour” until Raila becomes President.

Duale is the pioneer of Jubilee leaders, who said Rasanga should be seized by the police and made to face charges of treason for the remark.

David Murathe and other Jubilee officials had pitched into Rasana’s comment and opined for the immediate arrest of Cornel Rasanga as well as his prosecution.

The national vice chairperson of Jubilee Alliance Party David Murathe termed it illegal for any Kenyan to suggest the replacement of the President’s portrait with that of an unelected leader. There is no law, however, requiring the president’s portrait in offices.

George Ayugi, a URP activist also stood his ground and hinted the President must be protected at all costs given he is the symbol of national unity.

URP youth league Vice President Victor Ayugi called on the leaders to desist from making rash and incautious statements, adding that the laws that ban treason can’t just be overlooked.

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