Video: Army Cadets Chop Off Hands Of Demonic Soldier Doll After It Attacked Them In The Night

A batch of army cadets were pushed to take radical steps after a series of incidents involving an allegedly possessed soldier doll haunting the group in the middle of the night.

The military trainees claim the dummy allegedly possessed by some unknown demonic spirit was often spotted moving about on its own. The spirit, they said, kept waking up at night and even attacked some of the cadets in the military school with a gun.

Chilled to the marrow, one of the cadets shot at the dummy. Then the cadet’s compatriots decided that they needed to bring the odd events to an end. As a result they chopped off the hand of the mannequin so it could no longer hold weapons. They also said that in a bid to deter it from venturing around the military academy, the group enclosed it inside a glass case.

The trainees said they took the decision to remove its hands after a student who was scared out of his wits reportedly shot at the dummy.

Moises Borja, one of the cadets, explained the bizarre tactic to Panamericana Television, saying:

“We had to make the decision to cut off its hands so it wouldn’t attack us anymore and we then put it in a glass case so it wouldn’t be able to move either”.

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Some of the students told reporters that the dummy was able to use weapons and they feared it could attack them in the middle of the night with some deadly weapons.

The cadets also claimed the mannequin at the unnamed institution in the Bolivian capital of La Paz has been taken over by the ghost of one of their former commanders who had died and apparently still wants to retain its charges ‘battle ready.’

While the ‘stiff retribution’ for the possessed soldier doll may end its unsettling high jinks, the cadets claim that other odd spirits filter through the building, including photos of prominent Bolivians leaders that actually talk to the young soldiers.

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Student Moises Borja added: “Some cadets in the north wing claim they can hear sounds of people walking (down the corridors).”

Edilberto Parra, another cadet, said it was all because the school has been overrun by evil spirits.

He said: “If you walk alone down a corridor, next to all the photos of the presidents and war hero statues, they start to ask you “Why are you here?” and “Why are you walking like that?”

Watch The Video Below: 

The authorities are yet to investigate the ghost claims but the director of the institution, whose name was not mentioned in the local reports, insists the possessed soldier dummy was a mere superstition.

However, it is believed that his doubtful opinion might change if he gets a late night visit from an angry doll without any hands.

As widely believed, this kind of incident occurs when a ghost or other supernatural being refuses to move on after death, instead choosing to dwell among the living. And such spirit or demon is believed to attach themselves to just about any object, from jewelry to paintings and mostly believed; dolls.

But it is yet to be proven whether these things are scientifically real or not.