A Pregnant Woman Gets Almost Burned Out As Husband Sets Her On Fire

A man has been seized by the Kenyan Police for setting his wife on fire and getting her almost burned out. The detained man is from Kikopey, in Nakuru county.

The 22-year-old Njoki Ndung’u was saved from her burning house by neighbours, who rushed her to the St Mary’s mission hospital, where she is suffering from severe burn wounds.

A neighbour narrated how the incident unfolded in an interview. The neighbour revealed that the couple had lived together for only two years and that they always had constant fights and disagreement.

Hear him:

He started by burning mattresses [outside the house] and when neighbors asked [why he was doing that], he said he was burning bedbugs.

Speaking from her hospital bed, Ndung’u said her husband set the fire in one of the rooms in their house and as she tried to escape, she caught fire and sustained injuries.

Amidst sobs, the victim said:

He had lit a fire in the living room, but when I tried to get out, I caught fire. The door locked itself and I fell down.

The 30-year-old John Wachira was reportedly enraged by his wife’s “nagging over a trivial matter.”

Exactly the same excuse in the other recently recorded case of domestic violence on a six months pregnant woman who was beaten to unconsciousness by her husband.

This is yet another case of gender violence which has been increasing at a high rate lately. In fact gender-based violence is prevalent in the Kenya, with a recent survey showing that 42% of Kenyan women aged between 15 and 42 support being beating by their husbands.

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Some of the reasons given for beating and maltreatment include refusing husband sex, burning food, neglecting children and talking back at husband.

Now if a man can no longer bear nags or any of these listed petty trivialities, shouldn’t they quietly opt out of marriage rather than brutally killing and maltreating their wives? Help stop domestic violence by sharing this story.

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