Chilling Video: Pregnant Woman Feels Twin Party Inside Her Womb

A man caught his pregnant wife in a video while she was sleeping and the internet thinks the footage is chilling enough to make them ditch pregnancy. 

In the one minute-and-a-half long video posted by the man, his pregnant wife who has just two days before she is due to give birth to twins was sleeping while her unborn babies battle to leave the womb. The two little feet prints of the twins were caught as the mom endured the violent kicks. Social media users said they apparently couldn’t wait any longer to take on the globe.

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Many others said the little ones were fighting over who to be the first to leave their mother’s womb. One user said they obviously were fighting for their spots.

Another user said the two were showing off some of their gymnastics skills, as if they knew their daddy was documenting everything from behind a camera. A few said the kick, though a little horrific, could mean that the two were having a twin party in their mother’s belly knowing they have days to embrace the world.

Whatever had inspired the kicks, one can only imagine what the parents will be dealing with when the twins are older. It will probably take a lot of strength trying to keep up with them!

Take a look at the video itself below…

While many cringe at the sight, saying the woman’s stomach look painfully big, the expectant mother felt undisturbed. What those people forgot is that feeling baby’s twist, wriggle, punch, kick and hiccup is simply one of an expectant mother’s biggest thrills.

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The feeling of little flutters is one of most exciting moments in pregnancy. The slight movements reassure them that their babies are healthy, developing and it helps the mothers feel closer to the little life inside of them.

So while everybody else thinks expectant mothers must be going through pains, pregnant women describe their baby’s movements inside of them as butterfly touches, tiny twerk or even soothing.