President Kenyatta Promises To Fight Corruption, Hold Free And Fair Elections In His End Of Year Address

President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation as Kenyans ushered in the New Year, pledging to fight corruption and promising a free and fair General Election in his end of year address.

The Head of State in a televised message delivered from State House, Mombasa, acknowledged that there was no magic to fighting corruption.

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He added that it requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders as he commended the multi-agency approach which has brought cases against senior officials suspected of the vice.

”What I have learned this year, ladies and gentlemen, is that there is no silver bullet for corruption,” Uhuru said.

”Efforts must be sustained and undertaken in multiple sectors and levels. Rooting out this crime will not come overnight, just as it did not rise overnight but has been with us for many years.”

President Kenyatta further expressed optimism that the new Chief Justice David Maraga would ensure corruption cases are prosecuted, with convictions recorded.

He added that powerful and rich individuals involved in corruption would no longer corrupt the court process to delay justice.

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President Kenyatta also took the chance in his end of year address to make his plea to Kenyans on why he should be re-elected. He said he wanted to complete pending government projects.

”We have an election in a few months, It will be my great privilege to run as a candidate to remain your President for another term,” Uhuru said.

”My reason for running is to complete the works that we have started with great energy and to ensure that this nation can continue to rise in the world.”

”We will be a Kenya whose people have the education to innovate, invent and deliver world class goods and services. We shall sustain our economic growth so that we rise to Africa’s leading destination for investment in manufacturing, logistics, tourism and education.”

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He added that 2017 will be a year of honesty, sobriety and firmness, adding: ”Elections come and go but Kenya and our families remain. Together, we are strong.”