President Kenyatta Threatens To Sack Corrupt Public Officers

With the current wave of corruption in the country, President Kenyatta has made public officers know that one thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. He made it known in his recent speech when he said that anybody who gets involved in any kind of corruption or manipulation of tendering processes would be held responsible. Therefore public servants risk their jobs when they in any way linked to corrupt practices.

The President called on the attentions of public servants to make sure that the procurement procedures are transparent and in line with the Public Procurement Act.

He also mandated senior civil servants to place all procurement details on government digital platforms for transparency and accountability in the application and awarding stages.

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He went further and warned that Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Chief Executives of parastatals who are heading the various offices that tenders are granted without walking in the right direction of “due process” or the specified protocol will not be left out. He said such people will definitely face the sheer force of law and that government would not take a minute rest until it sees to it.

In the words of president Kenyatta “We have made it very clear to them that we expect within the shortest time possible all issues of procurement must be on the e-procurement platform so that every citizen can see whether a tender was done transparently and correctly and who was awarded and why and who the other competitors are,”

He further challenged public workers to hold all state agencies accountable, including the anti-graft bodies.

President made the statements following a week of several suspects being arraigned in court in connection with the Anglo Leasing scandal. He said that favoritism and interference in how official State business is carried out has no place in the Jubilee Government.

“There is no sacred cow in this Government, none, including myself. I have no right to call a CS, PS or a chief executive to tell them to award a contract to a particular individual. There is a process.” President Kenyatta is implying that the correct protocols should be followed before anybody can be awarded a contract and should never be through phone calls or through the back door.

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He added that those who are under obligation to safeguard public finances should know that absolutely they will be held accountable for their actions without regard for whether they were under pressure from others. Hence, those under whose watch these corrupt acts are being carried out would no go scot-free in any kind of way they may try to exempt themselves. The president in his speech sounded like there is trouble in paradise. He pointed out the people involved will not only lose their jobs but also will be brought to book. You could say that the day of reckoning is gradually creeping close even though we only hope the recent threat or warning against corrupt government officers would be effected indeed.

The big question is: Who is absolutely free from this very act?