President Uhuru’s 6 Key Accomplishments In The Last 3 Years

CORD has always accused Jubilee of accomplishing nothing since 2013 it took office. And this accusation has somewhat gained acceptance even among jubilee supporters. But a four-day government conference that took place at the KICC which hosted every minister who came to discuss in details what their ministry had achieved since 2013, has proved otherwise.

Judging by the information gotten from the forums, we want to objectively grade jubilee administration knowing that the end of administration is in sight though the party has interest to retain office next year and might have their dream come alive.


We can’t talk about the accomplishment of jubilee administration without talking about the significant advancement it has made in the security situation in Kenya today.

In the past the country seemed to be taken over by terrorists. Fast forward to the present, Kenya is more secured than it was during the Grand Coalition Government. More police officers have been recruited. More vehicles dished out to appropriate security agencies to carry out their works diligently. Jubilee the old police records by equipping the agency with Armored Personnel Carriers to make sure they stay safe while securing the country.

Also in a bid to tackle security issues, the administration introduced a Command & Control Security Surveillance System and installed CCTV cameras in Nairobi and Mombasa. The device has boosted police in monitoring and responding promptly to crime situations.

Many plans of crimes have been frustrated  and hundreds of stolen motor vehicles retrieved  within a very short time, courtesy of CCTV cameras.


Speaking of health care, for sure, the government has done so well in wrestling against avoidable deaths.  Through (MES) and hospital infrastructure project, theatre equipment was installed in 24 hospitals, dialysis equipment in 15 hospitals, Intensive Care Units (ICU) equipment in two hospitals and imaging equipment in 35 hospitals.

Apart from MES Project, 15 MRIs have been installed in various hospitals. The president’s wife also through her initiative known as  Beyond Zero Campaign, has given out 36 mobile clinics and nine operational portable health clinics introduced in Kibera.

Public health facilities have seen great change in number of deliveries courtesy of the program.  From 664,581 to 1,078,955 representing a 62.4pc increase. Additionally over 17,600 poor households with orphans and vulnerable children and 198,440 elderly people and people with severe disabilities  get health services for free through the programme.


On electricity, Energy power connections have increased while the cost has decreased dramatically. The administration introduced a 7.6 Billion national public street lighting project which 11 counties can currently boast of. By the time it will be completed 52 major towns spread across the 47 counties will also benefit from the project. 4.3 million Kenyans (up from 2.3 million in 2013), have been connected to electricity thanks to the last mile connectivity project.

Almost all the public schools are now connected to the national grid in preparation for the laptop signature project.

Social Amenities:

Speaking of social amenities, Jubilee facilitated the County Government. The boost has caused the building of thirty-two (32) fully operational Huduma Centres recently serving over 35,000 people everyday.

So far more than 10 Million people have benefited from the programme  and 12 billion shillings recouped as revenue at June 2015, all from these new centers. There is now ease in getting critical documents like ID’s, HELB forms, Driving Licenses and other needful documents.


Massive change has been seen in the country’s agriculture. The government has procured 500,200 MT fertilizer valued at Sh11.5 billion since it took office. The administration has also shared the procured fertilizer directly to more than  500,000 households directly and another 4 million indirectly.

It has financially supported farmers by paying a subsidy in order to have the cost of purchasing fertilizer reasonable and affordable. Farmers no access DAP at Sh1,800 instead of the market price of Sh3,300. Also CAN is gotten at 1,500 rather than Sh2,600.

The general fertilizer prices at the market have gone down from an average of Sh6,000 in 2012 to an average of Sh3000 in the year 2015/16 . This has translated into high production at a reduced cost of production.

Infrastructural Development:

Jubilee honored its vow to make bring infrastructural development to the country. Three years on, the coalition  pledged to deliver quality infrastructural development within four years, and the coalition has invented and rehabilitation about 32 national trunk roads translating to 1,702km across the country is almost complete. 10,000km of road under the annuity program is at the advanced stage.

The Standard Gauge Railway is visibly making progress. As of yet, the construction is at 70pc completion rate and by June next year, the first train should have run the route. On completion, the project will offer more 26,000 people jobs, it will also reduce the cost of transportation by an average of 41.55 per tonne/kilometer, boost rail transport in the northern part, and cut down the destruction of roads.  JKIA airport  has been extended with both terminal 1A and Terminal 2 complete. Hopefully the passengers will grow from 8.9 million in 2014/15 to 9.4 million in 2015/16.

All these and more accomplished within three years.

Since the party did all of that in his first term! The second term will likely be a much more modest list but they’re working on some big issues.

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