President Uhuru’s Advisers Attack Raila Odinga Over Corruption, And Dishonesty

We will agree that Raila’s intelligence came to include the effort to influence positively the state of Kenya by coming up with one good idea to tackle corruption completely. To him, the battle, and challenges was already won, as he has dubbed and paraded himself as the advocate of Kenyan constitutional dispensation and also the midwife of the constitution. Actually, before the referendum, he went to town because of the constitution. So it is now very appalling knowing he is no longer comfortable with the implementation of the Constitution. In fact, it is certainly becoming clear that Raila Odinga is acquainting himself with the Supreme Law for the first time years after its promulgation.
Let’s first consider the fact that the Constitution is Agenda 4 of the National Accord which is in concrete, living, comprehensive form and can not be applicable outside the constitution.

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Eventually, the fight against bribery, corruption, dishonesty and the likes is strong, well-structured and ready to be implemented and Raila now discredits its implementation. Without any doubt, one would know that those against the President’s current move have something to hide. Yes, perhaps they are not far from the people working effortlessly to thrust our country down the drains where corruption and all kinds of grafts will be the logo of our lovely country.

Let me remind you that Raila Odinga’s office was regularly rocked by big scandals for lots of money which Kenya lost while he was a co-principal of the immediate former administration. In fact, if we should recall the Kazi Kwa Vijana and Maize scandals which are only two of these colossal frauds on the people of Kenya, it will go a long way to convince you why Raila is very uncomfortable about the war on graft. For Raila to profusely discredit the anti-corruption process its obviously for his long-term personal interest.

Okay, if that is not the case, why is he discrediting this great idea he came up with when people had come to accept and admire this bright idea.
Unless he misunderstood the simple meaning of Article 254(2) of the constitution or maybe he was busy introducing seemingly fine legal conducts that he has missed the wood for the trees. Let us not forget that, the Ethics of Anti-Corruption Commission has not been deviated from nor have they been abandoned in any part of the report. In fact the report was duly submitted to the President and to Parliament in accordance with the Supreme Law. So, this only leaves me to say that Mr Odinga is not opposing the war on corruption for any good or meaningful principle-related reason, neither is he opposing it for public interest. Of course, he is not on the people’s side.

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The President’s appropriately tendered apology, on behalf of the current and former governments linked to several known injustices was embraced with arms wide open. There is a conspicuous way of following the part of justice and accountability agenda in respect to these injustices through restitution, restorative justice and reconciliation. Meanwhile, the apology dished by the president was for many unacceptable and unwelcoming offences against the Kenyan public, some of which Mr Odinga is closely involved in. For the record, Mr Odinga will not be exempted when matters concerning the 1982 attempted coup and 2007 post-election violence are raised. Yes, those issues can not be closed without him dishing out a well articulated explanation which he still owes the Kenyans.

In the Grand Coalition Government, Mr. Odinga was fully ready to step aside as a way of solving the perceived integrity lapses in Kenya’s government. So why the overnight change of mind? Yes, why did he suddenly view the process as cruel and a big joke.

Mr. Odinga’s appears to be contradicting himself and this is a clearly wrong and deceptive stance on the law as a whole, and also a way of shrinking accountability for the part he played in different issues which greatly concern the country. So his defiance over this issue is simply not in line with what the people want. He is taking a different step from what we actually want. But it is definitely not going to be.

By Mr Eric Ng’eno Senior Director of Messaging at the Presidency.