President Uhuru’s Son Owira Scores Big In KCSE

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s adopted son Daniel Owira, who became famous after he served Kenyans his first ever stage performance ‘Otonglo Time, has scored a decent C+ in the just released KCSE exam.  

His score, which qualifies him for a degree admission as it is required university entry, has opened a new phase of life door for the young man.

Owira participated in KCSE through Highway Secondary School. His dream is to major in Broadcast Journalism in future.

In 2013, Owira’s narrative caught the hearts of many during the annual Kenya Schools, Colleges and Universities Festival in Mombasa.

His remarkable narrative caused the President to bestow him a scholarship throughout his school days.

After his narrative so well done, President Uhuru invited the young man to the State House Nairobi in May in 2013 where he gave him a treat. Later on, the president wrote on his Facebook page:

I have today offered full education sponsorship up to the university level to Daniel Owira when he visited me at State House. He is now one of my sons and will give me his report form at the end of every term.

Owira shared with the media his extreme joy over the accomplishment, saying: 

I know my future is secured because I tried my best and I am happy with the results. I thank the President very much for all the support,’.

Owira’s teacher named Cliff Nyakwar Dani organized a small party for the brainy child. He had the party after his IT diploma lessons at a Highland State College which the president financed.

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Also, several other candidates of KCSE did amazingly well like Owira, even though they had to pursued other school activities in addition to their normal course of study. It didn’t cut their performance short as they excelled academically and participated in co-curricular programs.

They were able to combine dramas, narratives, theatrics, choir and other related activities with their normal school subjects. This only goes to prove that one can intelligently combine co-curricular and normal studies. This is obviously in contrast to the thoughts of some student who may regard co-curricular as a distraction.

The purpose of co-curricular activities is to help the education of students as well grant an enriched educational experience. So don’t be afraid of combining them as far as you can combine wisely.

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