Tragic! Priest Kills And Hack Up The Genitals Of Woman In Siaya County

You could easily have mistaken it for a riot: a packed Maget Island in Siaya County featuring shocked onlookers.

On Wednesday afternoon, at a time when everybody should have gone about their businesses, the community gathered distressingly.

A priest brutally murdered a female church member and mutilated her genital before killing himself.

For many, the incident plunged them into a grim mood.

The priest at Roho Fweny Church identified as Elisha Ogolla, 57, is thought to have slaughtered Linnet Onyango after a short argument in his house.

Reports suggest Mr Ogolla was having an affair with the with the late woman – a mother of six and a married woman. They were together for a while before their illegal affair was discovered by the church and they were about to be punished for the atrocity.

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Area Chief Ambrose Ogema confirmed the incident and said the incident was found by a church member who had gone to see the priest only to see blood trickling out of his house located next to the church.

“The deceased had gone to the priest’s house at around 2 pm and it seems they had a quarrel before the priest brutally murdered her and mutilated her genitals,” Ogema stated.

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The Chief added that the priest was discovered knocked out and the woman dead when the public broke his door.

Ogema added:

“The priest was found lying unconscious on his coach with foam coming out of his mouth. We suspect he might have taken poison after killing the woman.”

However, the priest died on the way to a nearby hospital where he was been rushed to.

Bondo OCPD Mr Paul Kiarie said there is an ongoing investigation to find what actually happened. Meanwhile, their bodies were taken to Bondo Sub County hospital for post-mortem.