Prince Williams In Kenya To Grace His Former Girlfriend’s Wedding

Britain’s Prince Williams, Duke of Cambridge, who is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales has assured to have president’s Uhuru efforts to stem poaching after meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta in the capital, Nairobi.

Prince Williams, the Duke of Cambridge visited Kenya to spend Easter weekend in order to attend the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Jessica Craig and also meet the president.

According to Kensington Palace, the Duke visit to the country is “private” and will last for four days. He would be spending time on the wildlife reserve as the President of United For Wildlife, and would also have a brief official meeting with President Kenyatta.

Kensington Palace mentioned that “the meeting Her Majesty’s Government requested for the meeting and His Royal Highness is honoured to have talks with the President while he is in Kenya.”

The Prince told the president that:

“If there is anything I can do to raise the profile in your efforts to conserve wildlife, I will do it,”.

Kenya is set to burn the vast majority of its ivory and rhino horn stockpile next month – an event regarded as the world’s biggest burning of ivory in history.

In a display of firm commitment to the fight, the president said:

“I have this morning met Prince Williams, the Duke of Cambridge, who called on me at State House,” President Kenyatta said adding: “Our deliberations revolved around conservation, security and defence.

“We are determined to conserve our wildlife for posterity and welcome all the support we can get in this endeavour,”. 

Mr Kenyatta tweeted a photo of him with the prince:

They also talked about strengthening the relationship between the United Kingdom and Kenya, and other bilateral talks ranging on a broad topics including defence and security, and conservation.”

The Duke, will spend the rest of the day meeting several conservation and anti-poaching initiatives in Kenya first hand. He would also spend meet rangers to find out their challenges and more about their war against rhino poachers.

Afterwards, the prince will then attend the wedding of  Miss Craig, 34, who will tie the knot with conservationist Professor Jonathan Baillie on the Lewa wildlife reserve run by her father Ian Craig.

The Duke has remained a bosom friend to the Craig family. He even attended Jecca’s brother wedding in 2008 and missed his cousin Peter Phillips on the same day.

Additionally, the Duke proposed had to the then Kate Middleton in 2010 during a holiday on the Lewa reserve that.

Tusk Trust, which has Williams as its Royal Patron, backs this conservation work with the Duke watching vets in the field fit radio tracking collars to elephants to help with research and conservation.

Not only has Kenya attracted the prince who is the second in line to succeed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, after his father, the country has also attracted other prominent and influential people around the world.

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The dashing Jack in James Cameron’s blockbuster Titanic, or the Romeo in the romantic movie Romeo and Juliet, Leonardo DiCaprio, along with other big names in Hollywood  have promised to come to Kenya during the big event happening next month.

The major summit in Kenya on the illegal trade in wildlife, happening come April will also feature heads of state and other rich and famous people in Africa as well as other Hollywood stars and media personalities, including Paul Allen and Yao Ming.

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Other notable people coming include, Nicole Kidman, and business tycoons George Soros, Paul Allen, conservation icon and BBC legend David Attenborough, Howard Buffet, British musician Elton John and Michael Bloomberg.

In the much-talked about occasion, Kenya intends to burn down 120 tonnes of ivory – the biggest to be razed down by any country at a time. It goes to show firm commitment to zero tolerance for poaching and the illegal ivory trade.