The name “Prophet Owuor” has become very common especially in Kenya. Hardly a week passes without the self-proclaimed prophet being mentioned. A few years back, Dr. David Owuor or as commonly known Prophet Owuor was hardly unknown. But, in today’s world he is quite popular. People know one or two things about him. Dr. David Owuor is known for his huge crusades and miracles. He came into Kenya’s spiritual landscape with a message of repentance and that God was angry because of our sins. However, the following are 10 things you don’t know about him:

10 Lesser Known Facts About Prophet Owuor

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1. Doesn’t Derive his Wealth from his Congregation

It is a common fact that religious leaders and evangelists derive part or even all of their wealth from the church. They will either ask the congregations to make offerings, donations or to  buy church merchandise. Strangely, Prophet Owuor doesn’t accept donations or offerings from church members.

Prophet Owuor

 2. Always Dresses in White

Although many people might have seen the self-proclaimed prophet preach, few have ever taken notice of his dressing. A closer look reveals that he dresses only in white. This also includes the shoes. Probably, he does this so as to bring out the cleanliness or purity aspect. The Christian bible always depicts Jesus as wearing garments that are pure white.

 3. Guest Speaker in Many Forums

Many people especially in Kenya came to know of prophet Owuor from his crusades. Some took notice of him when he presumably led the former Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga to Christ. Unknown to many people, he spends most of his time giving talks or participating in forums and not holding miracle crusades.

 4. Prophesies Pegged on Scientific Predictions

His prophesies or forecasts of future happenings have always been a bone of contention. This has split people into two. Some may call him the Prophet of Doom; others nickname him the man of God, while others believe his miracles are stage-managed. One thing that stands out is that most of his predictions about nature (earthquakes, hurricanes, and torrential rains) had been forecast by scientists.

 5. Doesn’t Ask or Mention Offerings

People who are versed with Christian teachings know the importance of offerings or sacrifices. According to the bible, every believer is supposed to make a contribution to the church. This can be an offering, a one-off donation, or a 10% tithe. Nonetheless, the prophet never talks or speaks of offerings. He also doesn’t encourage his church members to contribute to the church kitty.

 6. Uses the Internet as a Main Platform

Many preachers and teachers of the bible use the traditional mass media as a way of reaching out to their congregation. These include use of television, radio, newspapers and much more. However, Dr. Owuor will more often than not use the internet. In fact, he is rarely seen on television or heard over the radio.

 7. The Prophesies Have No Exact Time of Occurrence

He has gained popularity for predicting events that came to pass; for example, the Haiti catastrophe, Tsunami, unrest in Kenya and much more. Unfortunately, the time interval has always been so wide such that people are more convinced that he relies more on scientific knowledge and not power from a supreme being.

 8. The Digital Prophet

Unlike other preachers, he doesn’t rely so much on television or radio for publicity. Dr. Owuor is always posting his works or seminars online. Once in a while he will release a YouTube video or podcast to give the world a view of a recent crusade or upcoming event. Rarely does he use the conventional mass media.

 9. No books, Anointed handkerchiefs, or Medallions

Normally, preachers will have books and recordings on sale. They may be based on previous teachings or may be a way of encouraging the people to walk the Christian path. In his seminars, crusades or any other forum, Prophet Owuor doesn’t sell any books, anointed oil and handkerchiefs or medallions.

 10. Speaks in Interdenominational Forums

Unlike many other evangelists, bible teachers, preachers or prophets, his ministry is interdenominational. He does not have an affiliation to a particular group. Also, he speaks in any forum especially those that centre on miraculous healing.

From the above facts, it’s clear that information about the self-proclaimed man-of-God is still quite limited. In fact, it seems as if the more people try to get more information about him the “more gray” the details become. All-in-all, he still commands a large following particularly in Kenya despite the many controversies or negative rumours that surround him.