Watch What This Lady Did After Her Kenyan Man Publicly Proposed (VIDEO)

Oooooopsss!! You bet he didn’t see it coming… This is one of those proposal gone wrong videos. And the fact that he did it in public! in a PACKED restaurant! makes it even more painful… ouuccch!

Come on guys…. U gotta be at least 100% sure of her likely reply before you go off popping the question in a public place. You don’t wanna be left in a pathetic sight like this one when bae reveals to you that you guys are not on the same page, right??

This amateur Kenyan man became his own undoing after his fiancée to be walked out on him kneeling on one leg with a ring in his hand….

The unidentified man was to his own detriment too full of himself. I mean, how do u propose with the words “will you be my future ex-wife” HAHAHA! HE DID WHAT? YES, HE DID… Try wrapping your head around that…

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Turns out she didn’t get the JOKE… NOPE! Too expensive for her.

Initially excited seeing him down on one knee, the lady immediately seems perplexed by her man’s choice of words. She paces back and forth before bending down to him to whisper some words and we guess they were something like – DUDE HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? FUTURE EX-WIFE??

The man doesn’t seem to be happy with those words, whatever they were…

He then correctly asks, “Will You Be My Wife?” BUT She isn’t impressed, maybe she wanted more? You know, an explanation for the first statement seeing it didn’t go down well with her… OR why he had to say the right thing with a straight face? There are so many unanswered questions here.

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The bungling man doesn’t seem to get it as he remains kneeling. And Oh the onlookers —at this point, they begin inciting the girl to say yes, of course for the love of FAIRY TALE ENDINGS. But this was no Disney production it was a reality, happening live at Galitos-cum-Chicken Inn Eatery.

“She is so pretty,” one says, “Unajua Kenya tunakuwaga wabaya sana. Kami ni US tungekuwa tushclap” another says in the background.

The girl seems to struggle with a reply and when she is done battling with her thoughts, she walks behind the man, picks up her bag and walks out…. JUST LIKE THAT….

Watch The Video For Yourself, Tell Us What You Think…