Prostitutes Spike KDF Soldier’s Drink, Rob Him After All-Night Sex Session

Reports reaching us this morning from Embakasi barracks in Pipeline area, Nairobi county, has it that a couple of prostitutes, yet to be identified at the time of the filing of this report, recently robbed a Kenyan Defense Force officer for failing to pay them after a night of crazy sex.

Following an all-night session with the prostitutes, the soldier was said to announce his inability to foot the bills just before dawn, inspiring the prostitutes into alternative means of gaining the night’s pay from the offending customer.

Their plan involved spiking the drink of the officer, and making away with his possession after he had passed out following the drugging of his drink.

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Some of the possessions carted away include a 32-inch television, a lot of money found when his things were searched, and some cell phones.

According to eye witness accounts, the prostitutes were heard saying “Lipa shimo ndio uchukue vitu zako” as they escaped in a hurry. Another eye witness claimed to have overheard one of the prostitutes saying that sweet things never come for free.

The officer lost these items, but his phone was later found after he had called the police, having been dumped somewhere in the neighbourhood.

This wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has occurred though, as residents report that it has become a more common occurrence around Embakasi, most especially in the pipeline area.

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According to the reports, most of the men invite prostitutes to their houses for all-night romp sessions and then fail (or refuse) to pay the agreed-upon bills, leaving the prostitutes with no option but to bring up innovative ways to pry out their pay, including spiking drinks and robbing the house.