Weird: Python Bites Thai Man’s Penis In Terrifying Toilet Encounter

A Thai man is still recuperating in hospital after a python locked its fangs onto his penis while he was using his toilet earlier this week.

The man was sitting on the john when he was bitten.

Rescuers who got to the man’s home in Chachoengsao Province, east of Bangkok, said they found the python’s head hanging from the bathroom door, protected by a rope, with the rest of the snake’s body trapped in the squat toilet.

Blood was splashed nearly everywhere around the bathroom floor where the man was bitten by the python.

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The man lost a lot of blood but is now getting better at Chularat Hospital, hospital officials narrate.

Emergency workers had to pull the toilet apart to let the snake out. The snake also survived the ordeal, according to rescue officer Danupol Tapo. Snakes in toilets are not new but this kind of scene is very rare.

Python bites Thai man's penis

Snakes have reportedly come out of toilets many times, and when they bit it mostly would be at legs or butts. But never the penis, this is the first time.

Last year two pythons made their way into two Australian toilets in an attempt to find water.

“They’re non-venomous, . “They’re not something to fear but it’s best if you come across them to leave them alone.”

Python bites Thai man's penis

In 2010, newspapers devoted column space to the story of a 3-foot (0.9-meter) corn snake found in a 19th-floor toilet in New York City.

Herpetologists  –snake experts – agreed that it is “within the realm of possibility” that the snake made its way up through the pipes.

This is because snakes are good swimmers who can hold their breath for a long time, and are well capable of swimming upward and squeezing through tight spaces if needed.

They may also get in some other way and curl up in the toilet to relax.

Also, several people have gotten bitten by animals while sitting down on the toilet. Not just by snakes. One of the most well-known bathroom assailants is the rat and spiders. Therefore, while watching out for snakes, be sure to always close your toilet lids so other animals don’t get in through them.