A twitter video showing the Queen respond to US President Obama spoof in a brilliantly humuorous way with her grandson Prince Harry has hit the internet. The video shows the Queen and Prince Harry exchange Twitter videos with President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, and was made to promote the Invictus Games. In the funny royal video, Prince Harry and his grandmother could be seen sitting on a sofa in Buckingham Palace, when Michelle Obama called his phone. The ringtone; US presidential anthem ‘Hail To The Chief’, caught the Queen’s attention.

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The prince picks up and receives a video showing the First Lady with President Barack Obama. Prince Harry invited the Queen to have a look at the video of Barack and Michelle Obama as it started with the duo challenging the British team

In the video, Michelle Obama questioned the prince, “Hey Prince Harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the Invictus Games?”

Then, President Obama, standing next to her, adds: “Careful what you wish for!” before a serviceman at his back says “Boom!” as others pull faces. After watching the video on Prince Harry’s mobile phone, the Queen, clearly not intimidated, smiles and responds to the president’s warning with a comical: “Oh, really. Please!”

Prince Harry, then drops his own BOOM!.

Watch The Video Below: 



The video is said to have been arranged some time before the Obamas had dinner with Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Kensington Palace. It was filmed at Windsor Castle on Wednesday. This is not the first time the queen has let the public see her funny side in promoting Britain’s commitment in major events.

At the London 2012 Olympic Games opening, the Queen pretended to have jumped out of a helicopter with James Bond for the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. After she had jumped, the poised superspy took her away on a helicopter.

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She then seemingly parachuted out of the aircraft over the Olympic Park in east London.

Queen Elizabeth-II-parachutes-into-the-stadium-1 Invictus Games

Prince Harry on the other hand has also let loose his funny streak to promote international sports. Last year the prince told Michelle Obama in a speech celebrating the games: “I can’t wait to see you all in Orlando. You better bring it USA.” The First Lady tweeted the video with the message: “Hey, KensingtonRoyal! Are you ready for InvictusOrlando? Game on.”

The Invictus Games are an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event, created by Prince Harry. In the event, wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans are allowed to take part in sports including Wheelchair basketball, Sitting volleyball and Indoor rowing.

The game was named Invictus, the Latin for “Unconquered, Undefeated.” It was inspired by the Warrior Games, akin to the one in United States. The first Invictus Games took place in 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, United Kingdom. This year’s Invictus Games will take place on 8-12 May in Florida.