VIDEO: Caroline Mutoko Shames KTN’s Mohammed Ali

Radio personality Caroline Mutoko took issues with KTN investigative journalist Mohammed Ali after his recent exposé, Kaburi La Wazi, on the killing of the slain businessman Jacob Juma.

Understanding how it is when a woman is associated with a sexual scandal, Caroline sent out some flat-shaming comments against Ali, stating that his actions are far below what is expected of him.

In the video titled; ‘The Price of Shame’, Mutoko was seen abashing Ali for splashing the identity of the girl named Cheryl Kitonga and for tearing her reputation to shreds just to sell his story.

Naming the video a very scathing one, she added that Ali did not consider the potential agony which looms with such revelation before he, out of his selfish desire, published the lady’s real identity.  Mutoko said:

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“I do not think I have ever been more disappointed with Moha or even KTN.”

She also queried why Ali acted so poorly by throwing out the identity of the girl yet all other suspects mentioned in the investigative piece had their faces either blurred or hidden from the camera.

The former KISS 100 radio presenter described the job performance of Ali on the issue as a “shoddy” one. She screams:

“It is the most disappointing job you have ever done”

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Ms Mutoko blatantly furthered that the broadcast remains a disgrace to Ali’s personality. She added:

“Moha shame on you. That was unwarranted. That young girl did not deserve to become the item on that exposé you did.”

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After the piece was broadcasted, Ms Kitonga has been trending on social media with many Kenyans taking an issue with why the journalist chose to expose her to the whole world. She became a topic of conversation, scorn and ridicule on social media with all the nasty jokes, memes and statements against her.

Here is the video:

The outspoken presenter Caroline has always weighed in on matters targeting just women in any act of immorality.

She had one time written a shocking but excellently inspiring letter to all the younger sisters and daughters in Kenya in the letter where she detailed her lifestyle as a young girl after the leaking of an audio of a school girl having sex with a grown man which was dubbed ‘Moll’s audio.’

Mohammed Ali on the other hand is popular for exposing several social atrocities and injustice facing the country. Though he has dealt with countless threats and shaming from people who hate his investigations, the journalist refuses to be cowed from what he does best.