Raila Not Apologetic Over His Fiery Exchange With President Uhuru

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has refused to apologize for his fiery exchange with President Uhuru Kenyatta following over Jubilee government during former Minister William Ole Ntimama’s funeral.

The party leader, who has been critically attacked for having a fiery exchange with the President over Jubilee MPs failure to table in the National Assembly the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission Report, maintained he sees no reason to publicly apologize to Uhuru or his government.

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Raila slammed Jubilee MPs for failing to table in the National Assembly the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission Report, which places sanction against those who have violated the land rights of some marginalized groups such as the Maasai.

His comments triggered huge criticism as other leaders, including the ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi asked Raila and President Kenyatta to tone down their language and desist from politicizing funerals.

In reply to this, the former premier, Raila maintained being unapologetic over the fiery exchange, saying he would not allow historical injustices to be swept under the carpet.

Explaining what the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission Report stands for Raila said the TJRC report raised key governance issues. He said:

“The report spelled the way to tackle poverty and inequality as well as combating regional development imbalances, tackling unemployment among the youth, consolidating national cohesion and unity, transparency, protection of indigenous communities, addressing accountability and impunity.” 

He further claimed that the Jubilee Coalition was still uncomfortable with the report and that was why they did not want it debated in the National Assembly

According to him also, it was ironic that some leaders were claiming that the President had been provoked and that he was somehow disrespectful in raising this matter. He said:

“I raised the TJRC issue as a matter of conscience. I did it as a duty to my country and as part of my deep belief that historical injustices have occurred in Kenya and they need to be addressed as recommended in the original TJRC report.

“It was important that as we buried Ntimama, we remind the national leadership of his unfinished agenda that must be acted on.

“That is why I reminded the Jubilee leadership, particularly in Parliament, that Kenyans are waiting for the tabling of the TJRC Report in its original form and full implementation thereafter.” 

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It is these remarks that have angered other leaders. Nevertheless, Mudavadi strongly warned leaders to respect grieving families and stop the fiery exchange